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Rehabilitation Counseling

Woman with Amputee Using Laptop

Whether you are recently injured or diagnosed, or you have been living with disability your entire life, rehabilitation counseling is designed to support your mental, emotional, and social health.


I became a client three years ago after losing both my hands after developing a near fatal sepsis infection. I was a mess when I first met Dr. G. She came to my bedside and was the one constant in my life who never for a single moment let me stop believing in myself.  She has compassion and wisdom like no one I have worked with. She has gotten me to this place where I am today. I've got my life back and I've got my spirit back. I am where I never thought I'd be . I am forever grateful for Dr. G.


I decided to try rehabilitation counseling because, even though I've been blind my entire life, I never fully accepted my vision loss. My discomfort with myself caused me to struggle at work and in social situations. I was ready to work this out and chose Front Range Rehabilitation because their director happens to be a researcher who focuses on the blind community. It took a lot of hard and honest inner work, but I am such a different person today. I actually don't recognize who I was before. I've not only accepted my blindness, I have accepted myself.


What makes our counseling process unique?

  • We embrace disability as an aspect of diversity and an inextricable component of oneself.

  • We provide safe space to explore thoughts and feelings related to the disability experience, including shame, trauma, grief, loss, and discrimination.

  • We meet you where you're at. And we are here to support you in getting where you want to go. Whether it be a personal or vocational goal, enhanced independence, or a greater sense of wholeness and joy, we have the expertise and compassion to light your way.

What sets our counselors apart?

  • We are people with disabilities who share cultural ties to the disability community. We welcome and honor diverse body-mind, social, and cultural experiences that form the fabric of our identities, backgrounds, and personal expressions.

  • We are experts at what we do. We are researchers, advocates, and advanced clinicians that combine decades of experience to deliver exceptional individualized care.

  • We understand accessibility. And we understand barriers - both environmental and attitudinal. We strive to create a barrier-free experience that allows our clients to show up and engage in the counseling process fully and authentically.

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