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Individuals & Families

We have extensive experience working with people with a variety of disabilities -  physical and mental, apparent and non-apparent. We also work with people who experience barriers to everyday functioning but do not identify as having a disability at all! Disability is as diverse as people themselves, and no two people perceive or experience it in the same way. Our services are individualized and designed to meet the unique needs and goals of each person. We strive to create supportive space that feels inspiring and inclusive to all.  

We welcome anyone living with a physical, cognitive, developmental, or psychological difference to connect with us. Together we can explore the value of our services in enhancing independence and supporting a healthier sense of self.


Community Partners

We highly value the efforts of employment firms and community organizations that are committed to increasing access and opportunities for people with disabilities. We are pleased to partner with these organizations to help them achieve their accessibility and disability diversity goals.


Many remain unaware that people with disabilities comprise the largest minority group in the United States. They are our neighbors, our co-workers, our loved ones and friends. Disability is relevant to all of us! Effectively addressing  accessibility and disability-related concerns demonstrates a commitment to inclusion and an appreciation for people with disabilities as valuable members of your organization and our society.

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