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Businesswoman Working at Desk
Businesswoman Working at Desk

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is a collaborative process designed to help you achieve work-related goals. Our services are comprehensive and highly individualized. Whether you are a first-time job seeker, someone who needs assistance keeping their current position, or a seasoned professional who wants to advance their career, our expertise will assist you in arriving where you aspire to go.

Our Services:

           Vocational evaluation
           Career planning
           Transferable skills analyses
           Job development (e.g., resume/CV, interview prep, networking skills)
ob placement and retention
          Job coaching

          Reasonable accommodations
          Worksite accessibility assessments


Are you different than state vocational rehabilitation?

Yes. We are a private provider whereas state vocational rehabilitation (VR) is a federally and state-funded program. You are encouraged to explore your local VR agency, which provides many of the same services for people with disabilities, often at no cost to clients.  

Clients who choose to work with us, do so for several reasons. Some of these include: (1) No wait lists or long wait times for service, (2) Direct and consistently ongoing communication with your provider, (3) Access to an elite group of providers who are scholars and leaders in the rehabilitation field, and (4) Our commitment to promoting disability diversity and inclusion.

How much do your services cost?

We provide fee-based services with upfront pricing. Just as each person's goals and needs vary, so do costs based on how many services are needed and for how long these services are provided. We emphatically support each person's right to direct the course of their vocational plan, therefore we work together to determine the services that are right for you.

We also understand that many people with disabilities face difficult financial realities, especially in the face of unemployment.  Front Range Rehabilitation Group, LLC is committed to ensuring that vocational rehabilitation services are available to those who need them most. Please contact us to discuss our supportive payment program.

Am I guaranteed to get a job?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will get and keep a job regardless of how much time or effort we put into the process. There are too many factors and variables involved, many of which we have little or no control over. However, progress and growth will be a certainty! You will gain self-awareness, self-confidence, and vocational skills that will give you a savvy, competitive edge in today's job market. In becoming a better version of yourself, you will be positioned in a place of vocational readiness and personal thriving.

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